iFetch Too Review-The Best Interactive Dog Fetch Toy?

Ifetch too review

Why You Need an Automatic Ball Launcher?

It’s a fine, sunny morning when you decide to play fetch with your dog in the backyard. You throw the ball as far as your arms can swing, but your dog seamlessly fetches the ball and is raring to go again before you’re even ready to throw.

Fast forward 10 minutes and you’re tired arms give in and your dog, still eagerly anticipating the next throw, is left with a sense of disappointment. You go back home knowing that you let your puppy down, contemplating renewing the gym membership that you know you will never use.

What if I told you there was something that would give you invincible arms? Well, your arms might not get any stronger, but your game of fetch can go on forever, all thanks to the iFetch too Interactive Ball Launcher!

Features Of Ifetch Too Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

  • Unlimited Fetch: The iFetch too will shoot out tennis balls few seconds after being reloaded. As your dog fetches the ball and inserts it back into the machine, it will wait a while and then shoot the ball out again, saving you the hassle of even needing to reload the launcher. There is an opening on top of the launcher where your dog can leave the ball, where it will get pulled into the launcher for the next throw. With a machine like this, who even needs arms? Send them out on vacation! Or maybe hit the gym while you’re at it and build up some biceps you weakling.
  • Adjustable distances: Buttons on the launcher will let you choose the distance between 10, 25 and 40 feet, leaving room for adjust-ability depending on the size of the vicinity. In parks and very open areas, be liberal with the distance and let your dog chase after the balls until it gets bored. For spontaneity, you can even set it to random to keep things interesting for your dog too! With this device, you can also play fetch indoors by limiting the distance of the shot, so with a little caution, you don’t have to worry about breaking your house down while playing a simple game of fetch.

ifetch too interactive dog ball launcher


Ifetch too review


  • Rechargeable battery: A built-in rechargeable battery means that you never have to worry about buying a battery while you have this device. Plug it into the wall and take it out on the go; easy as that. Isn’t it convenient not having to remember to get new batteries? Have you ever denied a good boy a game of fetch because you didn’t have batteries? Not with this piece of excellent engineering you won’t! Save your batteries for your remotes and kids’ toys because the iFetch Too launcher has your canine friends covered!
  • Standard-sized tennis balls:The product comes packaged with 3 standard sized tennis balls, saving you the hassle of getting extra ones. As long as you use balls of similar size (2.5” diameter), you should be fine. Just make sure the tennis balls are clean and dry. I mean, the launcher is playing fetch for you, so that you don’t have to do anything. This is the least you can do, right? After everything this launcher is helping you out with, making sure that the launcher doesn’t break is pretty standard stuff I hope?


The launcher system is more or less completely automated, meaning no human work is needed to throw the ball. This is a big advantage over other similar launchers as most of them rely on a remote to throw or a button on the device. Your dog just drops off the ball into the opening on the top, and he can run after the next ball for hours, as long as the device has charge.

The throws are quite consistent, and for a particular distance setting, users tend to find that the same distance was maintained by the launcher on most successful throws. A lot of other, particularly cheaper launchers have more erratic throws and find it difficult to maintain the same distance for each shot of a tennis ball.


In some instances, the ball would not be detected by the launcher after it was inserted back into the machine. As a result, the machine would shut itself off after a short while due to power saving being built into the machine. Therefore, users had to go back and remove and reinsert the ball before it would shoot again. Needless to say, this defeats the purpose of a fully automated throwing system.

There is the more obvious caveat of actually needing to train your dog to put the ball into the launcher to fire it again. Even though you can always make do and put the ball in yourself, which in all fairness, is not a lot of work, it can be quite a tedious task when you’re about to launch the 100th ball in a row.

Some dogs are harder to train than others so don’t be surprised to be on reloading duties for a while before your dog picks up on the technique.

FAQs About Ifetch Too:

  • Can I use different balls with this machine?
    Answer: Yes, you can use most tennis balls that are about the same size as the ones included with the product, specifically a diameter of 2.5 inches.
  • Can you use the device while it is plugged in?
    Answer: Yes, the iFetch Too can be plugged in during use at all times if you would prefer to use it that way.
  • Can I use the machine to play with my dog in the pool?
    Answer: It is not recommended to use balls that are drenched in water. The launcher may have difficulties in shooting the ball out if it is completely wet and will not get close to the rated distances using wet balls.
  • Does the launcher support chuck-it balls?
    Answer: The medium-sized chuck-it ball will work but keep in mind that it is a bit heavier than the balls included with the product and your distance is likely to be a lot less than the iFetch Too balls.


The iFetch Too is a pretty nifty device to enhance your playtime with your puppy. It takes some adjusting and training for your dog to be completely automated but giving a little time and effort, it can be a completely automated tool to play with your pet dog, and you can have hours of fun doing nothing while your dog does all the chasing. Well, it’s meant to entertain you, not your dog silly!


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