5 Best Brush For Corgi-2021 Review With Buying Guide

Best Brush For Fluffy Corgi

What is the best brush for Corgi? Let’s find out in details!

When we think of cute little furry creatures that instantaneously bring us joy, corgis definitely come to our minds. It’s a difficult choice to make since all breeds of dogs are cute and cuddly in their own right. Despite being a beautiful dog to own and domesticate, a lot of effort is required to take care of a Corgi.

Why you need a brush for Corgi?

One of the issues that really stand out when it comes to taking care of one is grooming. This is because corgis tend to shed a lot of fur for different reasons. Whether it’s a Cardigan Welsh Corgi or Pembroke corgi, both breeds shed frequently depending on factors such as nutrition, hormonal changes, stress, or changes in season.
Therefore, we must be careful when it comes to choosing a brush that best suits the corgis shedding pattern. Some of the reviews of the best available brushes are as follows:

Best Dog Brush For Corgi

  1. RUBOLD Dematting Tool for Dogs

This is our choice in the list of best brushes for corgi

RUBOLD Dematting tool for dogs is a multi-functional dematting tool, and it has gained tremendous popularity for its effectiveness when it comes to grooming dogs. It works spectacularly when it comes to brushing, dematting or deshedding.
Rubold dematting brushRubold Dematting tool for corgi

This is due to its double-sided rake and teeth set apart at different widths. The design of the brush is also very good, and using it is quite comfortable. The head is angled to allow the tool to glide through fur much more smoothly. The two sides of the rake cater to two different purposes. The 9-tooth side lets you deal with difficult knots and tangles on the topcoat, while the 17-tooth side allows for swift deshedding of the undercoat.

Unwanted dog hair can be effectively removed from medium to long-haired coats of dogs, regardless of whichever breed they belong to. Scratching the pet’s skin can be easily prevented, as the tips of the teeth are rounded. It causes no irritations in dogs, and even hyperactive dogs tend to be more relaxed and tolerant when using this tool on them. This could be because this tool is automatically massaging their skin when used, which makes the corgi enjoy a dematting session rather than despise it.


  • Best for medium to long haired dog corgi.
  • Massages the skin of dogs, making them more relaxed and tolerant.
  • Can effectively deal with knots and tangles
  • Allows for quick de-shedding.
  • Rounded tips of edges prevent scratches and other injuries.
  • Angled head and teeth makes gliding across fur smoother
  • Ergonomic design allows for greater comfort to the user.
  • Easy to use


  • May not work well for breeds with curly fur.


  1. Happy Dogz Magic Pro Deshedding Tool

Happy Dogz Magic Pro Deshedding tool is another very popular deshedding/brushing tool for corgi. It comes in two different variations based on different breeds of dogs. One comes for dogs with small or medium breeds, while the other comes for medium/large breeds. It can easily remove 95% of dog shedding in just a few minutes of brushing!
Happy Dogz Magic Pro Deshedding ToolHappy Dogz Magic Pro Deshedding Tool for Corgi

The deshedding tool is rigid and well-constructed, with no loose components. It also comes with a guarantee of a full 10 years after purchase. Once purchased, an attachable guard is provided with the deshedding tool to avoid breaking teeth when dropped and to prevent your corgi from being injured when not brushing. The teeth are made from stainless steel of good quality, which makes them more durable to damage compared to similar tools.

The rubber handle is contoured with big and small grooves, making it comfortable and easy to hold. The large grooves act as a thumb rest. Moreover, the head is also detachable, which makes brushing and cleaning relatively easier. The deshedding tool is also fairly light, which makes handling it easier. The teeth are slightly rounded so that it is gentle on the dog’s skin. It also has a eject button that allows you to clean the brush with just one push.


  • 95% effectiveness when it comes to deshedding corgi
  • Brush heads are made from stainless steel, making them more durable.
  • Detachable brush head equipped with a Quick-eject button allows for better cleaning and safe storage.
  • Can be handled comfortably due to ergonomic design and lightweight.
  • Rounded edges of teeth reduce the chances of accidents.
  • Two options to choose from depending on your corgi size.


  • May not work well on dogs with very long hair corgi

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  1. FURminator Deshedding Tool for Dogs

The FURminator Deshedding Tool is suitable and designed for dogs with all forms of Corgi fur, be it short, medium or long. It is also very highly effective when it comes to deshedding furs as it is known to grab lots of furs. It can even get a hold of flyaways unlike some other similar deshedding tools, which is basically the thin loose hair that lies beneath the outer coat of the dog.
FURminator Deshedding Tool for DogsFURminator Deshedding Tool for Corgi

The edge is made from stainless steel, and it reaches the top coat quite easily to remove loose hair. It does this without cutting the skin or causing harm to the top coat of your corgi. However, the teeth are quite sharp, and too much pressure can make it uncomfortable for the dog. One unique feature that makes this deshedding tool stand out from the rest is its ability to easily release hair and debris from the head using the FURejector button after usage.

Moreover, the handle of this tool is ergonomically designed making it easy to hold and use for an extended period of time. FURminator is believed to reduce shedding up to 90%. Another feature that is present in FURminator is the Skinguard, which prevents the deshedding tool from damaging the dog’s coat or hurting its skin when gliding the tool across its fur.

The deshedding tool ships with a protective guard to protect the teeth from getting damaged when it’s not in use. Some dogs may prefer the sharper teeth on this deshedding tool compared to similar tools with rounded edges, which makes the FURminator more usable for them. The FURminator is also available in 4 sizes starting from Extra Small to Giant.


  • Very effective in removing fur. Can even remove flyaways.
  • Designed and suitable for dog breeds of all sizes.
  • Blade edge is made from stainless steel, giving the teeth durability.
  • Skinguard prevents damage to skin or any form of injury when using the tool.
  • FURejector button can be used to release debris and loose hair that has been collected.
  • Safe to use, and does not cause harm to the top coat when removing hair.
  • Ergonomic handle allows the user to remove loose fur and debris for a prolonged period.
  • Come with a protective guard to keep the edge safe.
  • Available in various sizes.


  • Is not good for removing mats and tangles that may build up in the dog’s fur.
  • The wider versions of FURminator cannot reach all tight places
  • Brushing too hard can cause irritation for the dog because the teeth are quite sharp.


  1. DakPets Deshedding Brush

DakPets Deshedding brush is one of a kind. Everything about it speaks quality as it is made from materials that do not cause irritation. It works well for all breeds of dogs, as well as for all coat types. However, it works best for dogs with a single coat, cos some dogs with double coats may require something with longer teeth than what DakPets deshedding brush offers.
DakPets Deshedding BrushDakPets Deshedding Brush for Corgi Shedding

It comes with the standard stainless steel edge, which is supposedly more durable. The brush head is detachable by pressing a button, which lets the user clean and stores it safely. It ships with a protective cover to prevent any form of damage to the brush head. One issue with this deshedding tool is that it is not very ergonomically designed, and lacks a proper thumb rest.

There is rubber component around the handle for better grip, but it is not quite comfortable compared to some of the similar type of deshedding tools. Prolonged use may cause hand fatigue in some users. One good thing about DakPets brush is that hair can be easily removed from the brush head. This makes the job of cleaning the brush a whole lot easier.

The teeth are known to have sharp edges, instead of rounded ones. So users must not press down too hard when grooming their dogs, cos it may hurt the dog. Due to the wide head of the deshedding tool, it suits larger sized dogs very well.

  • It’s made from high-quality materials and is built to last.
  • It is good from breaking mats and tangles in the fur.
  • Removes pet dander well which is known to cause allergies in humans.
  • Perfect for large dog as well.
  • The head is detachable which makes cleaning it simpler.
  • Replacements blades are easily available for purchase if the detachable portions get lost.


  • The wide head may make it harder to be used on smaller sized dogs
  • Badly tangled hair may require repeated brushing.
  • May not remove all loose hair.
  • May require a few instances of usage to reduce the sharpness of teeth.

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  1. Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush

Pet Neat pet grooming brush comes with all the standard features usually present in any other deshedding tool. It is highly effective in deshedding. The head of the brush is equipped with a durable stainless steel tooth, which is less likely to get damaged. A protective cover for the teeth is provided to keep them safe from potential damage.
The teeth are designed in such a way so that they don’t apply too much pressure on your beloved canine, making the grooming process pleasant for both you and the dog. Besides removing loose hair, it can remove pet dander which some people can be very allergic to.
Pet Neat Pet Grooming BrushPet Neat Pet Grooming Brush for Corgi

One unique feature that does make this brush stand out is that it provides access to four free dog care e-books, which can help dog owners take better care of their dogs. Moreover, it also comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee.

  • Can remove 95% of loose dog hair, as well as pet dander.
  • Allows the owner to peek on dog’s skin to check for any discoloration or formation of bumps.
  • Aids in the distribution of natural oil more evenly, which is good for the skin and coats of the dog.
  • It can help unravel matting and the tangled hair of the dog.
  • Works well on both small & large dogs, and dogs with both long and short hair.
  • Comes with access to four free dog care e-books.


  • The wide comb may make reaching tight spaces difficult.
  • Applying too much pressure on sensitive areas may hurt the dog.

Things To Consider When Choosing Brush for Corgi Shedding

Since corgis tend to shed a lot of hair depending on various factors, an appropriate deshedding tool must be chosen that serves its needs the best. These factors are:

  • Type of fur: The type of fur a dog has, matters when buying a brush. Some deshedding tools are meant for heavier coats to get all tangles removed, while others are made for smaller dogs with lighter coats that are close to the skin. Corgis of both breeds have thick medium coats and they shed frequently. So, deshedding tools with wide combs are better suited to their needs.
  • The frequency of Grooming: Since Corgis shed frequently, it’s better to get a brush that allows frequent grooming with too much of a hassle.
  • The sharpness of Comb: Sharpness of the comb matters as well because a very sharp comb can make grooming uncomfortable for the corgi. The user must try to look for combs that are less sharp and have a more rounded edge, to make grooming hassle free.
  • Type of Brush: There are many types of brushes available depending on the comb. Some of these types are wide-toothed combs, slicker brushes, rubber brushes, the blade on handle combs, bristle brushes, Pin brushes. The blade on handle combs are best suited to corgis because corgis have a medium coat that can be quite dense. These brushes can seek out the undercoat, without causing any damage to the overcoat.
  • Design of the brush: Grooming sessions can take a lot of time, especially in the case of playful dogs such as corgis. Brushes that are ergonomically designed for prolonged used are the best for use. Dog owners must look for rubber grips and a thumb rest when looking for a deshedding tool.

There are many different options available in the market that can work spectacularly when it comes to grooming a corgi. Because of their medium coat and frequent shedding, it is best users look for brushes that are highly effective and efficient when it comes to deshedding. Brushes with wide combs are the most effective in this case.
Brushes that have detachable heads are easier to clean, and those that allow for easy removal of hair from the head should also increase productivity in each grooming session. All dog owners must keep these things in mind when considering to buy a brush for their corgis.

Frequently asked question about Corgi Shedding and Brushing

How often should you brush a corgi?

The Corgi needs to be groomed every 4-8 weeks. They has medium dense double coat. In the season of Spring and Fall when corgi’s coat change, they need more frequent grooming. Ideally, once a week to keep them clean and good looking. Also, grooming regularly will remove dead, lose hair from the coat. Means? Grooming not only keep your corgi clean, but healthy too! It(grooming) also works as a bonding between you and your dog.

Does corgi have undercoat?

Yes. Corgis have undercoat which is also known as double coat. The short hair coat under the long hair outer coat is the undercoat of dogs. This undercoat shed once in every year.

How much do corgi shed?

Corgi shed a lot. Because they are one of heavy shedding dog. They have double coat, an outer longer-haired coat and another inner short-hair coat. Corgis undercoat will shed once in a year in Spring season. And, their outer long-hair coat will keep shedding constantly.

Is there a Corgi mix that doesn’t shed?

No. There is no such Corgi or Corgi mix that doesn’t shed. Every dog shed. Doesn’t matter which breed is it. This is a natural process of shedding old hair to make room for new hair on the coat. Since Corgi has a double coat, they shed all the time! There is no way to prevent shedding for Corgi’s coat.

How do I stop my corgi from shedding?

I am sorry, but you can’t stop or limit your corgi’s shedding. But you can help to reduce shedding if your corgi is shedding more than usual. First, use a brush to clean up the excessive fur and dead hair. Then give them a bath using mild warm water and shampoo. This will help you to reach to the bottom of their undercoat and clean it properly. This will help you to reduce the shedding and keep the skin healthy.

Tips to Properly Brush a Corgi

First, Choose a brush from our list of brushes that fits your need. Then start brushing from the below of his ears. Slowly, go down the back forward to the hindquarters. Then, brush each leg to his toes. Very careful near his genitals as many dogs are very protective of this area.
Then brush his tail and clean the brush if it’s full. After that lay your dog on his back and start brushing his belly from his front leg to all the way back. Remember, when you are brushing don’t put much pressure on the brush. Because, Depending on brush pin type, it could ended up hurting your dog. 
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