Top 5 Best Dog Training Treat Bag-Buying Guide & Review

Dog treat pouch

One of the most important aspects of keeping a pet especially Dogs is to train and make them respond to human commands every time. Training a dog is not so easy and to achieve it so well. Each pet parent needs to be firm, understand the dog’s mood and get a treat. The dog treats are some food particles like biscuits, special bread and some other similar food made and carried about by a pet trainer or parent.

The dog treats are like snacks to humans, and as hours go by after the real meal, a treat may be needed. Treats are given to Dogs at particular intervals, and this means trainers must carry them around. These food particles prepared as dog treats are carried with the aid of a bag or pulse or pouch.

Why You Need a Treat Pouch?

Every dog parent or trainer must have a dog treat pouch due to its importance and benefits. On a daily basis, you need to hand over some tasty treats as snacks to your dog while walking or running at the home backyard or neighborhood park and this pouch will come handy to contain the treats as well as some other essential items for you and your dog. You can keep your phone, house keys and even credit card inside the pouch.

The presence of dog treat at every location you walk or run along with your dog means that you are fully prepared to reward your dog for being obedient and responsive to commands. Training a dog involves making it take up some skills and behavioral tendencies that the trainer desire and the treat just come handy as a reward.

For example:

A dog will learn to salivate when it sees you getting your hands into the dog treat as a way to get ready for some lovely treats. Treats must be stored and carried along, and that’s why a pouch is needed and important.
Dog treats need to be kept fresh and dry. A nice treat pouch helps to carry dog treats, so you don’t make your pocket messy and dirty.

Treat Pouches don’t just keep the treats, they make the treats fresh and even dry to remain nice even after a long walk from home. A treat pouch for your pet is surely a great way to have a close and loving relationship with your dog.

How to Select The Best Dog Treat Pouch?

The need for a good and perfect dog treat pouch is known to all pet trainers and keepers. Treat pouches are in various types and forms, and all can be found at offline and online stores. Some pouches come as a bag that is worn around the waist while some are carried on the shoulders.

There several variations and differences as regards what dog treat pouches offer and their functions. Every pet keeper or parent must be informed about these before deciding on which of the pouches to buy. Below are what to consider to choose and select a good dog treat pouch.

1. Pouch Materials

Pouches of dog treat are made of different types of material, and this may affect the durability of the treat pouch. Dog treat pouches can be made from polyester, fabric or silicone materials. Bags will mostly get dirty after few days of walking out a dog to a long distance place away from home, and as such you need a pouch made of materials that are easy to wash and clean.

2. Pouch Pocket Compartments

The choice of a dog treat pouch may also be based on pocket compartment which determines the kind of items you keep in the pouch. If you love keeping so much in your bag, then you sure need one with several pocket compartment. This is based on your choice and need.

3. Size and Attachments

Dog treat pouches are made in various sizes and as such buyers need to make a good choice. Sizes may come as a factor to determine price or cost, but if your choice is to have a small or big pouch, then you need to decide accordingly. You also have to decide on how best you want to attach your pouch to your body while walking your dog about. Most pouches offer waist belt or clips and shoulder straps

4. Weather Resistance

Pouches with weatherproof materials are best for the rainy, snowy, sunny and just everyday weather and conditions. There are different seasons all through the year, and I am sure you do not want to buy a pouch that gets spoilt after a walk in the rain or other environmental conditions. Buying a dog pouch that withstands all conditions is advisable.

5 Best Dog Training Treat Bag

Based on our balanced and unbiased analysis, we have a top 5 dog treat pouch you need to consider when buying a pouch. These are pouches that offer great benefits to dog trainers and keepers. Read their full review below for your perusal.

1. Paw Lifestyles Dog Training Treat Pouch

The Paw Lifestyles Dog treatment training pouch is a lightweight pouch which can be worn around the waist, carried on the shoulder by a removable strap or with a string metal belt clip.

The waistband is adjustable and 48 inches while the pouch has about 4.8 pounds packing weight. The pouch is of moderate size of 7x 2.5x 5 dimension which allows storage of kibble, toys, identity card and keys along with the dog treats in a nice compartment.Paw Lifestyles Dog Treat PouchThis pouch material is made of nylon fabric which is weather-proof and ensures the dog treats is dry and well preserved. Also comes with an inbuilt dog waste dispenser which is a great and very amazing function and feature for dog trainers and lovers.


  • The pouch comes With an extra compartment for phone storage
  • The pouch has a large D rings on each side
  • Has a nice green colored lining
  • But the drawstring closure can be very tricky to use

Paw Lifestyles – Dog Treat Training Pouch


2. PetSafe Durable Treat Pouch

This is another pouch for dog treats and other items when dog lovers and trainers go for a walk or to a park. The PetSafe pouch is amazingly featured with an excellent and innovative hinged pouch opening to give users very easy access to the dog treats and toys in the pouch.

It has an adjustable and removable belt which can be clipped to the belt while it also has an additional pocket for mobile phones and identity cards. The pouch is of 7.5 by 6.5 of length and height dimension, and with this size, divided compartments are available to keep various types of dog treats.Petsafe Treat PouchThe PetSafe pouch is made of materials in red, black and blue colors which are machine washable.


  • Has a unique hinged opening which closes with a touch
  • Can be worn around the waist with its Carabiner
  • The compartments has a lining that is easy to clean
  • But this innovation may start failing over time
  • Offers no additional wearing option other than the waist option

Paw Lifestyles – Dog Treat Training Pouch


3. Doggone Good Rapid Rewards Training Treat Bag

This is another pouch made by Doggone. The pouch is a 5.75 width by 6.75 height by 2.75 depths when opened. The pouch is large sized and made of 600 denier polyester material that is very durable and ensures easy machine wash.

The opening features a nice magnetic closure with a cord pull. The pockets and compartments are divided to allow users to separate dog treats while the front and side pockets are very functional.Doggone Good Treat BagThe waste dispenser is inside the side pockets while the back pocket is available to store phones, credit cards, keys, and ID. The Doggone Rapid Reward pouch can be worn by attaching it to the belt using its custom belt clip for flawless grip.


  • Size is good for medium and big size treats
  • Has a magnetic closure
  • The pouch can be worn in two distinct ways; attach to the belt using the clips to worn around the waist
  • Not ideal for small size treats

Doggone Dog Training Bag


4. Buddy Pouch Magnetic Treat Pouch

This is a dog pouch that is made without the belts, clips, and straps as it uses an innovative and unique magnetic attachment to any waistband. The magnetic attachment enables users to run and do all kinds of activities with their dog.

It comes as a small and portable pouch of 6 inches length by 4 inches width dimension and 0.3-ounce weight.The pouch is small but can still hold and contain necessary dog treats needed for a walk and other items like keys, pepper spray, identity cards, and mobile phone.RB Buddy Pouch Magnetic Treat BagThere are two inner compartments with one being waterproof to preserve the dog treat.


  • The magnetic attachment is unique and amazing
  • Easily Portable and ideal for small sized pouch
  • Velcro on the inner pocket or compartment poses problems when users reach for a dog treat

Buddy Pouch Magnetic Treat Pouch


5. FurryFido Fog Treat Training Pouch

This is a og treat pouch with many features and as such creates a perfect companion for every dog owner or trainer. The pouch is of the right size with its 7 inches by 075 inches by 9 inches dimension. The weight is 9.6 ounces.

The FurryFIdo dog treat pouch comes with a poop bag dispenser that is capable of removing waste easily, a collapsible food and water bowl made for users to store both food and water perfectly and a training clicker that adds and helps you with the dog training.FurryFido Training Treat Bag


The pouch has a very long waist belt and a strap that enables carrying over the shoulder. The dog pouch has inner pockets and compartments good enough to store dog treats, keys, identity cards, mobile phone, and otoh items.

  • Beautiful and with a spacious size
  • Comes with multiple pockets and enough space
  • Sometimes, the clicker does not close perfectly
  • Looks big and bulky

FurryFido Dog Treat Training Pouch



The introduction and the buyers above has clearly stated and made known, the importance and benefits of a dog treat pouch as well as what buyers must know while looking for a perfect product to purchase.

With these information, any dog trainer, owner or parent can be sure of making a good and ideal choice when buying a pouch. You owe your dog a perfect pouch to contain its treat while you owe yourself the comfort and convenience of carrying a nice punch around for a dog walk.

The Dog treat pouch review above is without any bias or undue sentiment, and you can rely on our assertions on each of the top products. You may keep an eye on any of the top picks reviewed to buy. We are sure this article has really informed you, kindly check our website for other very informative articles about dog gadgets and devices.

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