5 Tips – So That Your Dog Recall Works Better Immediately

dog recall tips

Have you ever considered what exactly the recall means for your dog? He should put his interests behind and come to you. This is not always easy and it must, of course, be worthwhile for your dog. Maybe it can be a little bit with it when we just watch an exciting movie and suddenly it rings at the front door. Totally dumb!

5 Tips For You to Make Recall Works Better

  • Freshen your callback signal regularly

Without your dog having to come to you! Yeah, what’s that supposed to be? Your dog is, for example, right next to you and zack! You give your callback signal and immediately reward with a super duper reward. Biscuits, running, romping, tugging … Look what your dog likes.

Your callback signal announces a quick, great reward, so it immediately provides the dog with pleasant feelings. Do you want to go for a walk? Excellent! Before you start fresh you directly at home 5x your callback signal. So your dog will certainly respond better on the walk.

  • Find the right rewards for your dog

Matching amps are important! You may reward your dog with the great biscuits when recalling. Class! Rewards are great – but are they always an amp? No! If you make little or no progress with your dog in ringback training, think about your rewards in peace.

With what rewards do you get it, that your dog comes to you more reliably? What motivates him to leave his “dog things” for you? With the right amplifiers, you can progress much better in dog training!

Quite often dog handlers grab their dogs around the head after they have called them to themselves. I think I have not seen a single dog that thinks it’s great. Even something like that has a huge impact on the recall. Let it be better.

  • Do not finish things too often with the callback signal

If the recall signal for your dog means the end of a good time, he will not like to respond to it. Is understandable! Also make sure not to call your dog directly after the recall – except emergencies, of course.

You can send your dog after the recall as a reward also gladly again with the continue to do what the recall has just ended. He will certainly find that great.

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  • Do not use your callback signal only if there is a reason

Do you know the dogs that always scan the environment when checking the callback signal to check what is going on? That’s easy, the dog has learned that he is only or often called when there is “something in the bush.” ​Witness that by calling your dog to you often when nothing is going on. Just call, reward, run again …

  • Always pay attention to a friendly and inviting body language

Say also with your body “Hey, come to me!” By turning yourself sideways or even squatting sideways. This is much friendlier than looking at the front or even leaning forward with your upper body.

Because then your body language says more “Stay away – do not come too close to me!” In living together and training with your dog you should always pay attention to your body language.

When dogs do not execute well-learned signals, it is not infrequently the case that humans use body language to say something quite different from what they say.

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