Best Brush For Golden Retriever – With Brushing Tips

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If you ended up here because you are on the chase for the best brush for Golden Retrievers, we’ve prepared this unique article only for you! Picking the best brush for Golden Retriever can be an exceptionally personal choice that ought to be based on various factors!
You’ll have to think about the shape and size of your hands, your quality, how frequently you groom your lovely Golden retriever, and what your pooch’s veterinarian or groomer prescribes.
In this article, we’ll review some best brushes for Golden retrievers so you can pick the ideal brush to accommodate your preferences, requirements, and budget!

Why Do Your Golden Retrievers need to be Groomed?

Golden Retriever pooches are the third most popular pet canine in America, according to the American Kennel Club. It means several dog lovers are probably at home right now, brushing and grooming their Golden retriever!
Truly, these friendly, cherishing, happy-go-lucky puppies merit all of the grooming time you’ll have to place in to maintain their long and wavy double layer coat. The Golden retriever’s coat has developed to help their first job of hunting and recovering (frequently in water) alongside their human partner.

Comparison between brushes of our list to help you to make a good decision.

Golden Retriever’s Coat Type

Golden Retriever Coat Type

The thick, double-layer coat features a shorter insulating inward layer and a more extended, coarse, and water-repellent external layer. The two layers shed continuously and will “blow coat” (do a major shed) two times a year when the seasons change. Because you would be grooming your Golden retriever a lot more, it’s something you’ll want to give some cool idea to.

It may be a smart thought to set up a system. As part of your system, you’ll need to choose certain basic supplies, including scissors, diminishing shears, a pin comb, and a slicker brush. That’ why in this article, we center around the best canine brush for Golden retrievers to enable you to assemble your personal pooch grooming supply pack.

Different Types of Brushes For Golden Retrievers

  • Slicker Brushes
  • Bristle Brushes
  • Undercoat Rake
  • Deshedding Tools

Best brushes for your Golden Retriever dog

Slicker Brush

(Best Slicker Brush For Golden Retriever)

A popular tool for delicately yet viably removing loose hair and eliminating tangled fur. The fine wires reach somewhere down in the coat, removing dirt and dander, but since they are bowed, they won’t scrape your pet’s skin. The brush has the quality you can easily clean as the wires retract with a push of a button releasing all the gathered fur. It will leave your Golden’s hair healthy, delicate, and glossy.Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush for Golden Retriever


  • The self-cleaning feature gives the advantage of fast and painless fur removal. The small pins of a slicker brush make manual cleaning precarious and can bring about pokes and twisted pins. With the drive of a button, fur is expelled. Other self-cleaning slicker brushes give this advantage, yet the mechanism on the Hertzko operates efficiently with no jamming or staying.
  • The slicker pins are secured with the cleaning mechanism when the brush isn’t being used. It will keep the brush pins straight and will forestall any accidental poking when you reach for your brush in your grooming pack.
  • The ergonomics of Hertzko brush make it easy to use for even broadened grooming sessions. The handle has an indented area which allows a place for the thumb and greater brush control, and the handle has delicate elastic holds for comfortable and succinct handling.
  • Hertzko is an excellent choice for your puppy. The slicker pins on this brush give a pleasurable grooming knowledge to adult pooches that are resistant to grooming as well as young canines that don’t have involvement with grooming sessions.
  • The pins on this slicker brush are somewhat shorter than on others because of oneself cleaning mechanism. Remember this if your golden retriever has a particularly thick or long guard coat.Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush for Golden Retriever Dog

2. Slicker Pro Self-Cleaning Brush

This item is profoundly prescribed by pet owners, vets, and professional groomers alike. It is a handy apparatus for keeping you Golden’s double coat clean, delicate, and healthy. The flexible wires are delicate on the skin while as yet penetrating the thick fur and altogether brushing a thick double coat.The brush is comfortable to hold, and oneself cleaning feature makes it easy to clean.Slicker Pro Self-Cleaning Brush for Dog


  • Viably expels mats, tangles, and dirt
  • The astounding item for everyday grooming and brushing
  • Never scratch the skin or hurt your dog
  • Leaves even the thickest double coat delicate, sparkling and clean
  • The self-cleaning feature helps to clean the brush in 5 seconds
  • Ergonomic handle makes brushing comfortable
  • The self-cleaning property may be a little stiff if the brush is not cleaned properly

Slicker Pro Self-Cleaning Brush for Golden Retriever

Best Bristle Brush

3. Hertzko Bristle Brush

A bristle brush accompanies firmly stuffed bristles which are utilized on dogs with short coats. It’s a basic yet practical brush which is perfect for evacuating any loose hair on your pet. Boar bristles are exceptionally delicate on both skin and fur. This brush is very soft like baby skin, even the most sensitive skin and is excellent for use on young doggie fur.Hertzko Bristle Brush for Golden Retriever Dog


  • The bristles on this handheld brush offer maximum guard hide oil dissemination. The brush is delicate enough for the long, redundant strokes necessary to move the natural oils of the canine’s fur from the root to the end, bringing about a healthy, gleaming coat.
  • The handheld design may be a decent choice for pets that are short of brushes because it emulates petting. Several analysts found that this brush was acceptable to their restless pets and made grooming sessions pleasant.
  • The brush fits easily and comfortably in hand with a handle that rests between the fingers and allows control of the brush.
  • This brush won’t penetrate the undercoat and will require the utilization of another brush to thin and manage the thick fur under the guard coat.
  • Analysts say that the brush is smaller than they anticipated, which functioned admirably for youngsters and adults with smaller hands. Pet owners with larger hands may view that this brush is as unreasonably small for their comfort or inclination.

Hertzko Bristle Brush for Golden Retrievers

Best Bristle and Pin Brush Combo

4. GoPets Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush

Although you can get a brush without the bristle part of it attached, the best looked into, and top of the line brushes typically have both. These are a decent alternative for pet owners who might want to limit grooming tools.

GoPets Double Sided Pin and Bristle Brush for Golden Retriever


  • The metal adjusted ends on the stick brush make prepping increasingly comfortable for your golden. They are formed onto the tips of the pins, which means they won’t fall off and uncover sharp edges.
  • The pins are mounted on a padded surface that accommodates the shapes of your pet’s body during brushing.
  • The nylon bristles on the bristles side of the brush are thickly packed and firm, allowing speedy and easy removal of soil.
  • Regardless of how you handle the brush, the handle will impeccably accommodate your grasp.
  • GoPets gives a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, so you don’t have to stress overpaying for a brush replacement because of imperfections. GoPets will discount or replace your purchase if you aren’t satisfied.
  • Nylon bristles are the best option for the young doggie. This brush can be utilized only during the little dog stage and then retained as a tool for guard coat maintenance for adult pooches.
  • Cleaning this brush requires some effort. Commentators recommend utilizing an old brush to haul the dirt and fur out of the brush.
  • Although the depiction of the item says that it will expel free undercoat fur, this won’t penetrate and proficiently evacuate the undercoat on a golden retriever. This brush still requires the utilization of a separate undercoat rake or de-shedding tool.GoPets Double Sided Pin and Bristle Brush for Golden Retrievers

Best Undercoat Rake

5. PawsPamper Extra Wide Undercoat Rake

This undercoat brush contains stainless steel teeth blades having rounded blade edges that prevent skin irritation. It is crafted with a brush having a wooden handle with a full tang construction.PawsPamper Extra Wide Undercoat Rake for Golden Retrievers
  • The head side of the rake and teeth marginally formed to pursue the shape of your pooch’s body and give productive grooming with fewer passes.
  • The handle has several edge patterns, allowing for a safe grasp on the rake regardless of how you like to capture it.
  • This brush is effectively used in a single row of teeth because the fur slides off easily.
  • Gruff tips on the teeth prevent irritation to your golden’s skin.
  • Rotation helps to pull and helps to groom your puppy tooth
  • The brush may be utilized to work out mats in long fur tenderly.
  • This is a decent weekly tool to use for general undercoat maintenance, yet seasonal sheds will require long grooming sessions.
  • It isn’t suitable for pups that haven’t yet built up an undercoat. This brush is suggested for undercoat management just and ought not to be utilized for guard coat cleaning.

PawsPamper Extra Wide Undercoat Rake for Golden Retriever

Deshedding Tools

(Best Deshedding Tool)
The FURminator is one of the world’s most popular grooming apparatuses and for a valid justification: it can diminish shedding by up to 90% when utilized regularly. After utilizing a slicker brush to brush your Golden, you can run a FURminator through the coat to expel all the remaining shed hair and undercoat.
The teeth on the item are long to reach through the topcoat easily, yet it doesn’t cut the skin of your pet. This apparatus makes de-shedding easy and helps you battle that free hair invading your home.FURminator Undercoat Golden Retriever Deshedding Tool


  • Safely and productively evacuates free hair and undercoat
  • Gathers and diminishes shedding
  • Conveys oils across the hide for a sparkling coat
  • Quickly reaches through the topcoat
  • Diminishes shedding up to 90%
  • Comes in many sizes
  • Only for de-shedding
  • Only to be used on Golden Retrievers with a fully grown undercoat

FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Golden Retrievers

7. DakPets Deshedding Brush

A popular de-shedding apparatus with high ratings structured by pet grooming professionals. The non-irritation 100mm-4 inch stainless steel blade productively evacuates all the free hair and undercoat while not damaging the topcoat or your pet’s skin.
The durable design and enduring materials make sure this item stands regular use, and you even recover a lifetime cash guarantee as an assurance.DakPets Deshedding Brush for Golden Retriever


  • A safe and compelling de-shedding instrument
  • Delicate and non-irritating blade
  • Evacuates free undercoat without damaging the topcoat
  • Advances healthy skin and coat
  • Powerful and durable desig
  • Non-slip hold for comfort
  • Teeth may be excessively short if your Golden has an incredibly thick coat

DakPets Deshedding Brush for Golden Retrievers

Buying Guide – How to pick the right brush for your Golden Retriever

How Frequently Should You Brush Your Golden Retriever?

Brush your Golden Retriever from head to toe at least once in a week. For daily or weekly brushing, use a slicker brush that will keep the pet’s fur from matting and remove loose hair.

Regular brushing with a slicker brush will keep the coat healthy and shiny while also help to keep your pet hair-free. 

What You Need to Look For In A Brush For A Golden Retriever?

You need something explicit for double coats that can traverse potentially thick mats and bunches. Also:


2. Functionality

3. Purpose

What is the best brush to use on a Golden Retriever?

The most supportive brush with regards to dealing with a Golden’s luscious locks is the slicker brush. If you get one brush for your canine, get a slicker brush.

Golden Retrievers are one of a kind in the way that they have a double coat, meaning that this breed requires way more prepping work and obligation than most different pooches. 

The slicker brush is a sure way to guarantee a healthy and untangled coat. It deals with the base layer; but, it also carries essential oils to the surface, and brushing spreads them along with the topcoat.

Why Do You Need to Brush Your Dog?

Brushing your dog helps to remove excess hair for your dog coat. It also cut down the amount of fur that you have to deal with at your house. Goldens have medium length double coats prone to matting· Also, they tend to get dirty a lot. So, regular brushing golden retrievers keep them clean, shiny, and healthy.

What Type Of Coat Do Golden Retrievers Have?

Golden Retrievers have a double coat that acts as a natural heating and cooling system. They’re not brought into the world with these long satiny coats. In fact, they don’t start growing long fur until they’re about a quarter of a year old.

What is feathering?

Feathering is the point at which the adult coat starts developing around 3 months of age. At the point when it is fully developed, it will vary contingent upon each pooch’s heritage and bloodline. 

Some Golden Retrievers will have a full coat of 9 months old, whereas some are not entirely created until nearly 2 years old. 

Adult Goldens have “feathers” on their legs, neck, and tails – which, as you could probably figure, are the long strands of hair that naturally cushion out.

How often do Golden Retrievers shed?

Golden Retrievers shed their thick, water-resistant double coat on more than one time per year. If you start to see extra clusters of fur around the house or on your furnishings, it’s probably shedding season! 

You can’t avoid shedding season, yet you can make it increasingly manageable by brushing regularly. A simple brush once every day is prescribed to keep the uncontrollable shedding at bay; however, you will want to put resources into special brushes to appropriately take care of the double coat and the shedding.

What Is the Best Way to Groom a Golden Retriever’s Fur?

Since Goldens have long and extravagant fur, it’s best to brush at least once a week. It is to help avoid matting, tangling, and the furball tornado that accompanies continuous shedding.

To brush your canine’s coat, start from head to toe. Pay close attention to each area of the body, especially the side and undercarriage, so you can invest extra energy in case the fur is thick and matted. 

If you find matted fur, attempt to brush it out tenderly, to do as such, hold the matted area above the coat, so you aren’t pulling on their fur while brushing. Start at the highest point of the mat and work your way towards the skin. 

If the fur is too matted even to consider brushing through, cut it with a pair of scissors. You needn’t bother with a unique pair of scissors for this; however, you would like to be sure they’re sharp and proficient at taking care of the job rapidly.

How Do You Wash Your Golden Retriever’s Coat?

Many individuals wonder how regularly it is appropriate to bathe a Golden Retriever. It’s really up to each pet owner’s carefulness, yet a few people prescribe at least once a month, especially if you take your canine outside regularly.

With regards to grooming your Golden’s coat, you should think about washing him first, especially if the person really filthy. If you’ve as of late bathed your puppy, then don’t hesitate to skip the bath and spotlight on brushing.

In any case, when bathing, the main thing you want to do is tenderly pour lukewarm to warm water on your canine’s body. Avoid getting the ears wet, which could bring about an ear infection. You can use a cotton ball for this.

Tenderly lather shampoo all over your pet’s body and then flush altogether. Pursue by rubbing the body dry with a large towel.

If you want to go the extra mile, at that point, you can blow-dry the fur. However, make sure to keep the heat low and just move toward the path the fur develops. 

Especially if it’s cold outside, it’s prescribed to make sure their fur is dry before letting them outside again.

Always use a shampoo intended for the particular animal and breed. If your Golden’s coat is dull, at that point, consider using an oatmeal shampoo. It is excellent for the skin, as well. Any shampoo that has “shiny” in it is also great for a smooth coat. A few people also pursue the shampoo with a pooch conditioner. 

After bathing, brush your Golden to straighten out the coat. Start with an undercoat brush to get as many bunches or mats as conceivable.

Do Golden Retrievers Need Their Hair Cut?

Yes. But not very frequently. As you know, a Golden’s fur is long and lavish looking. But, with such beauty comes a handful of issues, such as matting, tangling, shedding, and all these happen when the fur get excessively long.

If you choose to cut your Golden’s fur yourself, then follow these steps:

1. Use an undercoat brush to get as a lot of furs as conceivable before utilizing diminishing shears. 

2. Try not to trim the golden’s whole coat because of their double coat, which is intended to keep the pooch comfortable in any season. If you cut the entire coat, it will interrupt the pooch’s natural heating and cooling system.

3. Trim the fur on the feet and legs. The edges get fluffy, so they should be clear cut with scissors. Trim it to the degree of the puppy’s feet and brush it back down. It should now be above the degree of the pooch’s pads.

4. Trim the fur on the back legs with your diminishing shears. Concentrate on removing the long and fluffy hair. The fur on the back of the legs is longer than the front by a couple of inches.

5. Thin the undercoat around the chest and neck. This area has a great deal of hair! Make sure to use diminishing shears around the shoulders and then on the chest until it lies flat. 

6. Trim around the ears by utilizing your diminishing shears to take stray and wild hairs off the top.

7. Brush through with a regular brush to guarantee the fur is at the ideal and appropriate length. This is also useful to get an abundance of hair that was deserted during cutting.

Dos & Don’ts For Grooming

Put resources into the correct tools and beauty items before grooming your Golden. This incorporates brushes, shampoos, de-tanglers, and cutting instruments. 

Allow for enough time when grooming and brushing the coat. Goldens shed a lot, so there may be more fur than you expected! 

Brush your little pet outside if conceivable. This way, you can avoid all the overabundance floating hair inside your home, and you won’t have to go through with the duster and vacuum again. 

Use detangling sprays or conditioners after bathing. Tangled hair happens the fastest when it’s wet, so this is the best way to expect new tangles over the long haul. This also enables the brush to experience the coat faster with less pulling. 

Make grooming fun! It sure feels great to be brushed; but, if your puppy starts to get antsy while waiting for you to sift through their golden coat, consider giving him a treat after as if to say, “You’re such a decent kid for being so patient!”


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