6 Best Dog Training Collar Under $100


Best dog training collar under 100

As much as we love them, dogs can be quite the hassle to manage, particularly in the early years without any training in regards to how to behave in the initial years of adoption. From doing their ‘business’ in the most inappropriate time and place to running after almost any object of interest, most dog owners will agree that training their dogs can be quite tricky, UNLESS, you happen to use a dog training collar.

What’s that you ask? Dog training collars are the ideal contraption to make sure your dog behaves. With a single zap or pulse of a signal, stop your dog from chasing after your neighbor’s cats or ruining your front lawn for good! And if all this seems a bit confusing, fret not because, with this guide, we will be helping you to choose the best dog training collar in your budget. We have reviewed the 6 best dog training collar under $100. They are good enough to serve their purpose. So, now you don’t have to spend hundreds of bucks for a training collar.

6 Best Dog Training Collars Under $100

DOG CARE is a company trying to improve communications between our pet dogs and us and a key step to this is their Dog Training Collar, a fusion of technology and convenience that will make your dog training experience much easier and straightforward.

It comes packaged with a remote controller and is black with the logo of DOG CARE in front and fits dogs of all sizes and weights up to 100lbs.

DOG CARE Waterproof Shock Training Collar


Several features in this collar stand out. The collar has a security lock to prevent unwanted shocks or signals given to your dog. You don’t want to hurt a good doggie now, do you?

The collar also comes with support for signals in 9 different channels, meaning with the only one remote controller, send signals to NINE different dogs in the same vicinity. YES, you can run a zoo or a dog house basically and end up only paying once for a controller!

Finally, the collar lets you adjust the degree of shock, so if your pet has been acting up lately, just ramp up the power and let it know you’re angry with it (don’t actually do this you monster!). Jokes aside, it can be quite useful when you want to discipline your friend without hurting them much.

The remote controller has, on certain occasions, malfunctioned after a few months of use. Needless to say, the collar also becomes useless if the remote dies. At least your dog will be happy with that turn of events.
Users have also complained about the dog collar not charging after a while as well. I hope I don’t have to spell out the problem here, but for what it’s worth, you don’t have to change your controller.DOG CARE Waterproof Shock Training Collar for Dog


This Petrainer is a very popular dog collar and is the perfect collar for training basic behavior correction and obedience in your backyard. The collar is size adjustable and even has basic waterproofing so the collar can endure some rainfall,

But it’s probably wise to stop your dog from taking a dip with the collar on. The remote control resembles a walkie-talkie and is minimalistic in design, so it’s very easy to operate.
Petrainer Waterproof Rechargeable Shock Collar for Dogs

The collar and remote both come with rechargeable batteries and chargers, saving you the effort and money to replace the battery every time they run out. Hey, every penny counts I say!

The collar has a built-in light so that you don’t have to play hide and seek in the dark. And let’s be honest, hide and seek is much easier when you’re the one hiding.
The collar and controller have built-in power saving and memory functions so that you can maintain profiles for your pets. Imagine changing settings every time you turn on the collar; I would never!

The build quality of the collar is not the greatest. And by that, I mean it’s quite subpar compared to the other entrants in this list. No one wants to come across their pet chewing through their expensive dog collar, and that was a sad reality for several unfortunate users.

Buttons on the side, used to adjust the power of the shock, can be dialed in while it’s in the pocket and if you’re careless, you might just end up giving your canine friend a much nastier shock than you anticipated.

Petrainer PET998DRB1 Dog Shock Collar


One of the slicker looking collar-controller combos on this list, the TBI Pro 2019 with supposedly high-grade internal components and adjustability for size for dogs weighing up to 100lb. The build quality looks solid and includes information to fit the collar properly.

The remote controller and collar both come with labeled buttons and are quite easy to interpret, even for your not-so-tech-savvy users.

Ipets PET619S Waterproof & Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar

Has full waterproofing so don’t worry if your dog joins you in the bath or decides to do a ‘Leroy Jenkins’ into a puddle after a rainy day. However, the feature does not extend to the controller so you probably should resist temptations to join your buddy with the controller in your pocket.

Battery life is really long. Yes, really, really long. 15-20 days to be precise. Wasn’t expecting it to be that long did you? Well, you’ll be even more shocked (not literally) when you hear that you can get these many days out of the device after only a 2-3 hours’ worth of charge.

The collar also includes a blue LED that will blink rapidly when power is low, so only blame yourself if your dog stops listening to you and goes after the old lady’s cat at the park.

Several users reported their dog getting seriously injured after a zap. Despite claiming that they took the appropriate safety measures and controlled the power of the zap, users complained about serious burns and bruises, those poor things!

The power-saving feature has bugs and sometimes, would turn on even during activity and would need to be physically jerked by the user before it would come back alive. But that won’t be the biggest problem when your puppy runs off!

Ipets PET619S 100% Waterproof & Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar


The PetTech PT0Z1 is, as the name suggests, a more premium built collar and remote and includes chargers, cables to attach to computers and includes a mesh and a plastic mount for the collar. The shock on the collar is quite powerful but not too dangerous, and many users found that they didn’t need to resort to the shock after the first instance.PetTech PT0Z1 Premium Dog Training Shock Collar

In addition to good build quality, the manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty and actually delivers on it, unlike many other manufacturers who often refuse to service or make the process complicated. Delivering on promises makes for a delighted customer.

The powerful shocks on the collar make it suitable for use on bigger and more aggressive dogs, a department where a lot of other training collars fall short. Even the vibrations are quite powerful and most mid-sized dogs won’t need ‘shock therapy’ to get them to behave.

Having separate chargers for the remote control and collar means that you don’t have to waste precious time charging each separately. Time is money folks, and arguably more valuable when your dog is on a tear!

The lack of a safety lock means that users often find their modes and intensity levels changed with the remote in the pocket. Quite the nuisance to have to pay close attention to the remove even after changing settings. Will someone thinks of the puppies and actually put locks on?!

The collar’s locking mechanism had issues, and quite often, the collar would get removed and chewed on by the dog. And if that’s not enough, good luck finding the collar afterward. People need to start putting GPS on these things. And on keys too. But collars would be a start.

PetTech PT0Z1 Premium Dog Training Shock Collar


Resembling something out of sci-fi movie, the ieGeek Dog Training Shock Collar is a heavy-duty set of training collars and remote that can double up as fashion accessories if you’re in the mood for bracelets. Well, maybe it won’t tingle everyone’s aesthetic jingles,

But it will certainly find many fans among dog owners with its incredible build quality, features and battery life.IeGeek Dog Training Shock Collar for 2 Dogs

Battery life for the collars extends to 15 days at a stretch, a joint topper. Now if only the phone companies followed suit.
A whopping 660 yards of range! Safe to say your dog is going to have a rough time getting out of range with that kind of coverage. You won’t even have to bother getting out of your couch with this thing at your disposal, with the kind of penetration the signals get on this.

IP67 water resistance, so don’t worry about your dog going for a dip with the collar on. Maybe even join em, eh?
Includes a manual, so you don’t have to keep going back to Google every time there is an issue. You’ll do that anyway though, won’t you?

The charger for the remote control tends to have issues. Several users got chargers that were defective out of the package or malfunctioned in the first month. They had to cheap out on something, right?
Has 2 different sized models. So you have to make precise measurements on your dog to get the correct size. Just use a size that can fit all next time…

You get what you pay for, and this certainly applies to this particular model. More expensive than most dog training collars in the market. Pay the big bucks for the big prize I guess.

IeGeek Dog Training Shock Collar for 2 Dogs


The pair of collars looks a bit like fancy belts until you try to put them on and realize that they probably wouldn’t fit your waist unless you became a stick figure. And let’s be real, no one wants to be a slender man. But you do want obedient dogs, and this will do the trick, with its flexible coverage, great battery life, and very stylish remote control.Bousnic Dog Training Shock Collar For 2 Dogs

15 days of battery standby time as per specifications. Looking at you again phone companies.
IP67 waterproofing. I’ve read this script once, haven’t I? Just get one of these and jump into the pool with your dog already!

Metal contacts have a silicon cover, so your canine friends don’t have to bear the brunt of the zaps directly. You never want to hurt them too bad now, do you?
Separate buttons for the modes so you don’t have to switch between them anymore. I hope you’re taking notes, other manufacturers.

It offers a warranty but does not honor it on all occasions. Don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep! If your product page says lifetime warranty, deliver on it.

The same intensity reading on both collars had quite distinguishable levels of intensity in some products. At least all of the complaints were only about delivering less power than the rating indicated.Bousnic Dog Training Shock Collar For 2 Dogs


Why You Need a Training Collar for Dog?

Imagine you bring a new puppy into your home. The first thing that little fur ball of unlimited energy is going to do is run all around your living room, chew through your couch and tables, run through all the dishes and then leave some undesirable droplets right next to the front door.

Well, that scenario might be somewhat exaggerated but think about it; trying to train a mess of a puppy when all it does it run around all day, chew at stuff, break stuff, etc. is quite the challenge. Surely you want to make the training more exciting and not waste all your time running after your pup, cleaning after droplets and getting new plates ever so often?

If you agree to any of the statements mentioned above, you, my friend need a training collar. With just one press of the button, you can reinforce good behavior, punish bad behavior and get your puppy to act properly.

No more chasing after mice and cats. Or ruining the front door. Or chewing through your sofa. Do you like the sound of that? Well, my friend, you’re in the good company of what I imagine would consist of most rational pet owners.

Contrary to Misconceptions(Do shock collars hurt a dog?)

Training collars are not by design meant to hurt your dog, and it most certainly won’t turn them into robotic zombies (there are actually people who think this)! Technically, you don’t even have to zap your dog with electricity if you don’t want to.

The collar isn’t just about zapping your dog anytime you feel like it. It has several modes to provide stimulation. Positive behaviors can be reinforced with sound cues, and negative ones can be dissuaded with vibrations.

Even if you find it necessary to put on a little spark or two, you can control the intensity of the shock, so don’t go putting your puppy through a full-powered zap. The internet is rife in information on how to operate these things, so it’s quite difficult to get this one wrong.

Risks of Not Using Dog Shock Training Collar Properly:

There are some caution needs to be exercised when using a dog training collar. Of course, use low levels of intensity and use electric shocks ONLY IF you find vibrations are ineffective. Even in that case, start with low power levels before you consider ramping up the intensity.

Some users who were careless with power levels ended up severely injuring their pets and having deep burn marks and bruising as a result of very high power or exposure to the shock for too long. Do not shock for more than a few seconds MAXIMUM.

Like regular collars, make sure you fit them in properly. Shouldn’t have to be said but YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO KEEP IT ON 24/7. Keeping them on all the time risks your pet getting rashes or markings on the throat. Do you want to tie a tight scarf around your neck 24/7? I didn’t think so. So don’t put your pet through the same.

Finally, keep an eye on your dog while it is wearing a collar. Many of them fall off, and the dogs start chewing them. It’s not a big problem if it’s a pure belt but a lot of collars have small contraptions built into them or other electrical components.

Swallowing small objects can lead to choking, and electrical collars can also hurt the dogs while active if they are chewed through. Yes, dogs are stupid and will chew through the most random things. All the more important that you pay attention to what it’s doing.

Common FAQs About Dog Shock Collar:

  • Will an electric shock hurt my dog?

    Answer: No. Proper usage of a dog collar will not hurt your dog. Shocks can be controlled in intensity in most training collars, and you should use caution when applying shocks and only apply it when necessary. Most manufacturers recommend just using shocks in emergencies and suggest that leaving the mode to vibration will be enough for most average sized dogs.

  • How do I turn off the collar?

    Answer: Many of the training collars do not have switches. Instead, they have a built-in sleep mode feature which puts the device to sleep if it has been in idle mode for a certain period. If it does not automatically go into sleep mode, contact the manufacturer for information or warranty if the device needs to be repaired.

  • When should I get a dog training collar for my dog?

    Answer: You should get an electric dog collar if your dog is aggressive and unruly and you are having a hard time training it to behave. Note that you should put in some time and effort into teaching proper mannerisms regardless of whether you use an electric dog collar and use the collar merely as a positive or negative reinforcement tool for desirable and undesirable behaviors.

  • Can I remove the prongs from the collar?

    Answer: The shock and vibration mechanisms require the prongs to function. Don’t worry; the prongs do not hurt the dog if that is your concern. The prongs are similar to what puppies experience when their mother carries them. Some prongs come with silicon coating materials so you can use them to make the collars more comfortable for the dog and to reduce the impact of electric shocks.


Like most things in life, Dog training collars need to be used with a degree of caution and responsibly. In doing so, a person can make their relationship with their pet dogs much more enjoyable and worthwhile. By minimizing the time spent managing bad or unruly behavior, you can spend much more quality time with your dogs and a little disciplining with these dog collars will help.

Pups are just the cutest things ever on the planet, and we all want just to cuddle and adore them and all that good stuff. But taking some time out to reinforcing certain behaviors will make our experiences with them much smoother, much faster and you’ll have more time to play around with them.

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