5 Best Dog Clippers For Matted Hair & Thick Coat


Best dog clippers for matted hair


Dogs are very hairy creatures and of course, every pet keeper or owner needs to cut the fur on the dog to have a clean and neat look and appearance. The regular removal of outgrowing fur on the body of dogs with matted tangles is very expensive when you hire a pet groomer to shave, however, the best way to reduce cost is to have it done yourself.

Matted hairs are strands of hairs with lots of tangles caused by the inability of dog hair strands to glide over each other. The condition is very dangerous and detrimental to the health of the dog as it can cause skin irritation and inflammation. There are several types of dog clippers that are very effective in removing dog matted hairs to keep it neat and very nice.

The dog hair clippers are made and manufactured by several brands and as expected, they come with differences functions which may determine what you choose to buy according to your need. For anyone to buy the perfect clipper for matted dog hair, the individual must be well informed about the necessary things to watch out for in a dog clipper. These tips are listed and explained below.

Have a quick look at best dog clippers for matter hair with comparison


Things to Consider Before Buying Clipper For Matted Hair Dog


The size and dimension of a dog matted hair clipper are very important and must be well considered if you are to buy the perfect and most suitable choice. You have to decide if you need or want a small clipper or a big one. The small clippers are easier to hold and seem suitable for a grooming exercise that takes you a long time and this is because bigger clippers will get your hands tired over time.

You, however, need to choose the best for yourself and in doing that, a good one that is lighter may be the perfect choice.

Corded or Cordless

This is another very important thing to consider when you are buying a clipper for your dog. Clippers are electronic products and as such need, power to work. Corded models are made for use when connected to the power source while cordless ones are made to use rechargeable batteries.

The both have demerits and merits as cordless ones can be used in a place with no power supply or cable but it may end up sapping all the power if the hair clipping goes on for a long time.

In this case, also, you have to choose which one is most suitable for your need. When making a decision, consider the features of each of the choices as regards flexibility of the cordless, the power consumption of the cordless, the length of corded and the possibility of the cord wearing out.

Battery Type

The dog clippers make use of rechargeable batteries to power its operation and as such buyers must be well informed about the various types of the battery which they must opt for. Rechargeable batteries can be Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), Nickel Cadmium (NiCd),  Lithium-ion and each has varying features and characteristics that will influence your decision and choice.

The Nickel Cadmium battery is capable of 800 cycles and this shows a long life, however, it still does not measure up to  Nickel Metal Hydride on longevity.

The NiCd also can run down faster when not allowed to die off before it is recharged. The Nickel Metal Hydride has only about 400 – 600 cycles and this works for a longer time when fully charged.

The run time for Lithium-ion is just 400 cycles but it also has works long enough when fully charged. The choice is fully yours as regards battery type and this tips should guide you.

Extra Blades

Pet clippers come with models that possess extra blades and those with just a single blade. Extra blades offer you the chance to change an overheating blade with a cool one. Consider which of the models you desire but if your clipper has a detachable blade option you need to know how to change the blade so you do not end up damaging the parts. Product instructional manual should come handy to assist users in the blade detaching procedures.


The maintenance of pet clippers are very important and they sometimes determine how long you use them. You need to always clean and keep neat the blades of your clipper because the blades can heat up as a result of hair, dirt an oil gathering on it. You can also apply cooling spray on the pet clipper to keep it at a moderate heating temperature even when in use. Use appropriate spray based on your pet clipper brand.

Blades seem to be the only part that needs much attention when discussing the maintenance of pet clippers and this is because many conditions like dulling, wear and tear and excessive heat may destroy it and reduce the durability of the device. Take good care of the blade and check the warranty of your clipper before buying it so you can be sure of the period of time you have for a free repair.

5 Best Dog Clippers For Matted Hair Dog in Details

1. Andis UltraEdge Super 2 Speed

This is a very functional and effective pet clipper made by Andis. The UltraEdge blade clipper works perfectly for any kind of coat and breeds and even very efficient in removing very tough and thick matted hairs and furs.

The clipper comes with a 14 inches cord that allows for flexibility and requires 120-volt power to function effectively with its dual speed super motor which offers users the opportunity to switch between low and high-speed options.

Andis Dog Clipper for Matted Hair

The blades are well positioned and detachable to allow for cleaning and changing. The clipper works quietly and this is due to its possession of non-magnetic motor. It has no fan but it is still cool and works without overheating. The wide grip is great but it may seem heavy when used for a long time. The shatter-proof is great as it ensures compact look and durability.

  • Perfect for tough matted pet hair
  • Functional dual-speed motor
  • Works quietly and maintains and cool
  • Has no extra blade

Andis UltraEdge Clipper for Matted Hair

2. Andis EasyClip Pro Clipper

This is another very nice and impressive dog clipper that works with the amazing function to cut off coats of dogs of various sizes. The device is capable of removing every matted hair and with a strong rotary motor, it works on a heavy-duty 12 inches power cord that allows it a considerable chance of flexibility.The Andis EasyClip Pro comes as a magnetic motor clipper but amazingly does not overheat and make much noise.

Andis EasyClip Pro Clipper for Matted Hair Dog

It is handy and comes with a very durable pouch but it seems heavy and this makes it difficult to use for long period grooming. So much for an affordable clipper.

  • It is quite despite being a magnetic motor
  • Comes with a durable pouch
  • Does not overheat
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Seems too heavy

Andis EasyClip ProAnimal Pet Clipper Kit for Matted Hair

3. Oster Patriotic A5 Turbo Clipper

If you are looking for a profession grooming pet clipper that offers and provides fast and quick grooming for think costs and matted hairs of both dogs and cats, then the Oster A5 Turbo is a necessity.

The device works up to a 4500 SPM motor capacity while you can also switch between low and high motor speed to effectively groom certain parts of your pets.Oster Patriotic A5 Turbo Dog Clipper for Matted Hair

The blade is wide and road enough to capture and groom as many hairs at a movement while the motor sounds quiet when at a low speed. The devoid has considerable heating, comes with a 12 inches power cord and 10 detachable blades suitable for cutting short coats while you have to buy another for long coats.

  • Has a powerful dual-speed motor
  • Comes in a seemingly unbreakable housing
  • Works quietly
  • Suitable for different Coats
  • Overheats when working on heavy duty

Oster A5 Turbo Professional Clipper for Matted Hair Dog

4. Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series

This is an ideal device for professional grooming exercise and it is most suitable for collies, poodles, and shepherds. This pet clipper is a cordless option that can run or work for up to 2 hours fate a 15 minutes charging.

It has an effective grooming capacity that can remove every matted hair on dogs when gently used and handled. The device offers an amazing feature that self sharpens blade itself when cutting through thick matted hair.

Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series

The device works well, does not overheat because of its cooling operation but it can be noisy. The lithium-ion battery is durable, has a comb that helps loosen up a matted hair, scissors to cut off longer coats and a color guide comb that makes finding coat length less stressful.

  • Cheaper than others similar clippers
  • Offers some functional comb accessories
  • Cordless with fast charging capacity
  • Effective grooming flexibility
  • Operation is noisy

WAHL Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Dog Clippers

5. Wahl Professional Lithium Bravura

Another cordless device from Wahl and a very functional 5 in 1 blade that works effectively to groom any matted pet hair. It has amazing durability with its shatterproof casing and it offers sharp blades. The blades are detachable and can be changed to experience various cooling and style. This a very professional pet clipper which can work with any extra accessories that are compatible.

Wahl Professional Lithium Bravura Dog Clipper

The battery runs for 90 minutes on 60 minutes charging to make it ready for further grooming. The device comes with very nice accessories such as 6 plastic attachment comb guide, cleaning brush, bald oil for lubrication, soft storage case, charger stand, and charger.

  • Cordless and battery powered
  • Effective 5 in 1 detachable blade
  • Can groom the facial coats because it doesn’t vibrate
  • It is costly

Wahl Professional Lithium Bravura Clipper for Matted hair Dog

Maintenance Guide for Matted Hair Dog Clipper

Every device needs good maintenance and as such a clipper for matted dog hair requires good maintenance for durability and efficiency. Below are some maintenance tips and you should read through to gather full understanding.

The blade is a very important part of pet clipper and as such it must be cleaned up. Remove every hair and wipe off every dirt on the blade by cleaning the surface with a damp and wet piece of cloth.

You can removal detachable blades and wash in the cleaning solution and dry thereafter and apply disinfectant. Be careful not to submerge the device in water because it is an electrical device which may cause the electrical spark. Blades should not also be submerged because it can rust.

The clipper is a device that needs to be lubricated well enough to aid its function. Place drops of oil on both sides of the blades even when using the device. The oil will drip as the device works.

If you ever notice that the pet clipper is not cutting fur and coats well as it used to do, then it may be the right time to have the blades sharpened.You have to sharpen the blades but check the product warranty to ascertain if it does or does not cover sharpening of blades.

Furthermore, for clipper warrant that does not cover sharpening of blades, you need to go through the instructional manual to get too on how to sharpen the blade. However, if you need to change any of the pet clipper accessories, then you should buy some if your device does not come with spare accessories link some models. You can buy an extra blade, a case many other compatible accessories.


Pet and dogs are very uncomfortable with matted, tangles and clustered hairs or furs and this means that you have to remove them through grooming using the pet clipper. As explained and discussed above, the various tips itemized as buying guide should be noted as they are an important determinant for choosing a perfect clipper. The reviews are also very necessary as they will serve as a relevant guide for you if you plan to buy any of the reviewed pet clippers. You can check our blogs for other informative reviews about pets equipment.


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