How To Groom a Corgi?

Corgi Grooming

Corgi, maybe the most popular name in the dog family. They are cute, playful, energetic. Everyone loves them. Even the queen Elizabeth loves the Corgis! So they need to have a royal look all the time. To do this, you need to groom them. Today, I am going to tell you about how to groom a corgi and maintain their royal look.
1. Give the Corgi a bath. First, put some cotton balls in the dog’s ear to prevent water from getting in. Then saturate the dog with water. Once the coat is entirely saturated, shampoo the coat properly. Rub the coat properly to clean the skin. Make sure to shampoo the whole body and when you are done, leave it for a minute. Then wash out the shampoo.

Corgi Bath

2. Now put some conditioner on the coat. You don’t need as much conditioner as you need shampoo. If your Corgi is heavily shedding, you may carefully comb them when wet. Wait one minute after you put the conditioner and then gently wash it out with the water. It doesn’t have to come out of all the conditioners. If there is something left, that’s okay. Now wipe him down with a towel.Corgi grooming

3. Take the Corgi to the grooming table and proceed to get all that undercoat and dead hair. You can use a detangler. It will help to lose the coat up and help your comb glide through as you comb them out. Next, use a blow dryer to dry the coat fully. If you don’t have a separate blow dryer for your Corgi, you can use your hairdryer.
BUT, make sure you are using cool air. If you don’t have a blow dryer, allow your dog’s coat to air dry before you comb. It’s easy for both you and the Corgi. When blow-drying, keep the dryer being used directly on their feet or head. Sometimes Corgi will light the dryer. So put a muzzle on to calm them and to keep yourself from being nipped at.
Corgi on Grooming table
Quick Tips: Another important tip in grooming your dog is that they stand for you it will make your job grooming easier, and it will help be a good control point for our dog. This will help by blowing out that extra coat and save you time it will also help you see what’s in their skin such as please hot spots and things that may be stuck in their coat from hiking. This is preventive care that will keep you away from the vet.

Best Brush For Corgi

4. I have three favorite products for combing, a greyhound comb, a slicker, and a bristle brush. Start with the greyhound comb and follow the way the hair lays. Some other brushes that will help are pin brushes and rakes. Hold the head up as you come through the front and be cautious of the ears they have a lot of loose skin around the neck. So pull up on some of it to allow your comb to glide, and that’s what you’re looking for that riding action.
Greyhound combing corgi
Get the things you need to groom the corgi:

The Stuff Dog Conditioner.Ready to use,16oz
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Greyhound STYLE Sleel Dog Grooming Comb
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Millers Forge Stainless Steel Pins Universal Curved Pet Slicker Brush with Plastic Handle, Regular - MF120 13,Black
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When combing their underside, you can pull the lake forward or help them lay down just be careful of sensitive parts as you comb the underside check their armpits because this is where you will see redness from allergies or some kind of irritation from a dog harness. When you get to their pants, part it separates and then combs it out. When you are done, put the leg down a little bit and reverse comb up. Reverse combing assures that you are getting all that dead hair out.
5. Next, to the slicker, this works really well on nappy and short hair such as puffy fur and their legs and feet. Once you finish, grab the bristle brush and just finish it out. Make all the coat lay back down.
Slicker Brushing CorgiBristle Brushing Corgi
6. Finally, you can use dog paw moisturizers to moisten the top pad and protect their feet. Hot and cold temperatures can burn the bottom of their feet. Apply a glob of it and rub it in.
And, this is how you groom your fluffy Corgi. To maintain their healthy coat and skin, experts recommend grooming a corgi once in two weeks.

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